Behind the Lens

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Welcome to my photo site! Some of these galleries feature family and friends, others reflect my interests in wildlife and landscape photography. While most of the photographs here are fairly recent, older galleries, of engagements and other family events, are still available. They have just been hidden from view in favor of more current photos. If interested, feel free to ask to see them, and I will send you the link. I plan to add other galleries going forward, including one for pictures taken with mobile phones. Development of a historic gallery of old family photos (some dating back to the 1800s) is underway as well and requires a lot of time at the flatbed scanner. 

I began my photographic odyssey in the 1970s with an Olympus OM-1, shooting mainly macro flower pictures and family images. As time went on, I gravitated to the Canon family, and purchased my first digital equipment in 2003. For those who are interested, I now mainly shoot with a Canon 7D Mark II and a Canon RP.  Favorite Canon lenses include the EF 100-400 II/4-5.6, EF 24-105, EF 16-35, and several others.

I hope you enjoy the images here and let me know if you have suggestions to improve my skills, or wish to suggest subjects I might enjoy shooting, and you would like seeing. Please check back often as I will be continually adding images and galleries. Thanks for looking!

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